Aqua Park Group Water Quality Information

The Aqua Park is only open to customers when the water quality is advised to meet EU Bathing Standards safety for activities to take place.

In all open freshwater in the UK there is a risk of catching infections and diseases, in particular for young children and those who are immunocompromised. Types of infections that are common include minor gastro-intestinal complaints, eye, ear and throat infections. Rarer but more serious diseases include E. coli O157, cryptosporidium, dysentery, Weil’s disease (leptospirosis) and hepatitis A. There is a very low risk of contracting these diseases, but they can cause serious, even fatal, illness. 

What can be done to reduce the risks?

The risk of contracting serious illness is low but by taking sensible precautions, the risk of infection can be further reduced. You should:

Cover any cuts with a waterproof dressing; 

Wear footwear to protect feet from cuts; 

Avoid ingesting the water 

Either; wash your hands with liquid soap and fresh water immediately after the activity,

Or; use hand sanitiser, especially before eating and drinking.

Wash or shower when you get home. 

What should I do if I feel unwell after visiting the Aqua Park?

If you feel unwell after visiting the Aqua Park, then please email us to let us know, especially if you are experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea, as soon as you are able to. Please advise us when you visited the Aqua Park, what symptoms you are experiencing and when you started to experience them. 

If you feel unwell after visiting the Aqua Park Cardiff We advise you to contact Public Health Wales, so that they can investigate the circumstances surrounding your illness. 
For further information on all the above, please contact Cardiff Harbour Authority on 02920877900 or visit the website

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