What your summer body quest is missing: An Aqua Park season pass

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What’s not to love about summer? The summer months present a great excuse to get outside for some exercise with running or cycling, but when these activities have been in your regular routine, even these sessions can get mundane. That’s where the Aqua Park Season Pass comes in. 

Despite your busy schedule, A season pass will allow you to come for a splash whenever the Aqua Park is open, so you can step out of the office and onto the water.

Variety is the spice of life, swapping out a gruelling gym class in a stuff air-conditioned unit for a session on the Aqua Park can be really refreshing, sharing a lifetime of laughs on the water with us can help restore your mental health and physical health and boost your wellbeing. At the Aqua Park Group, everything we do is anchored in our belief in the benefits of getting immersed in open water. You don’t have your phone, there is no technology, you are all just present without distraction. 

It’s tougher than it looks, charging around the obstacles for 50 minutes can burn up to 550 calories. Make no mistake about it, whether you’re a keen swimmer, gym freak, runner or cyclist you will use muscles you never knew you had. 

The Aqua Park challenge is a full-body, functional and high-intensity workout. Not to mention heaps of fun when shared amongst your friends and colleagues. It’s worth mentioning to your workplace and a ‘Teambuilding’ activity, socialising doesn’t have to revolve around drinking and eating and this is the perfect way to reward yourself and unwind.

The key to staying in shape this summer is to break out of your comfort zone and get exercise through a variety of activities. We believe this will keep you stimulated, motivated and more likely to keep on track through the summer months.

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