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Above Water

Aqua Park Group was started by watersports enthusiasts in 2016 at Rutland Water. As a family run business, we wanted to create a place full of joy that would connect families with the open water and share the many health benefits of embracing the great outdoors, with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Fast forward to now and this original vision is still anchored at the heart of everything we do. Over the years thousands of friends, families, teams, and colleagues have visited our Aqua Parks. All of whom have shared endless laughs and conquered a physical challenge, helping restore people’s mental and physical health and boost their wellbeing.

As a part of our corporate responsibility, The Aqua Parks Group has always supported a nominated charity, relevant to its core values. In 2021, we are proudly working alongside Above Water to facilitate lifeguards who are also qualified teachers going into schools to teach water safety & drowning prevention.

Supporting Above Water

Our support will enable Above Water to reach 10 schools near each Aqua Park location in Cardiff, Rutland and Thurrock Lakeside with water safety and drowning prevention intervention. Using pupil premium data, speaking with active partnerships/local authorities we will identify the schools most in need of support. Above Water can then engage to offer age related resources to upskill teachers, pupils and parents. With support from Aqua Park Group, incentives will be offered to individuals and schools to get the best from the Above Water & Aqua Park Group support.

We are really proud to be contributing to Above Waters efforts to make a big impact teaching water safety & drowning prevention in schools. Our unique approach helps teachers, pupils and parents engage & understand these essential life skills.

Above Water are currently working with over 75 schools in Oxfordshire, London, Devon and Cornwall to help teachers understand how to teach water safety & drowning prevention in their own schools.

Supporting The RLSS and Drowning Prevention Week

In 2023, we ran a fundraising event at ur 3 locations in aid of Drowning Prevention Week and collectively raised £442 for the RLSS.

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