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Aqua Park Lakeside, Alexandra Lake, Lakeside Shopping Centre RM20 2AB
Aqua Park Rutland, Bull Brig Lane, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8BL
Aqua Park Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Barrage, CF64 1TP

Planning your trip?

What to know before you go:

Is the water safe for swimming in?

Can I view my bookings and tickets online?

What are your prices?

Are refreshments available at Lakeside?

When is Aqua Park Cardiff open?

When is Aqua Park Lakeside open?

When is Aqua Park Rutland open?

Carer tickets for season pass holders?

Do I need a Lifeguard qualification to apply as a Trainee Lifeguard?

What can I expect at a Duty Manager, or Manager interview?

Does my Lifeguard qualification need to be valid for the whole summer season?

What Lifeguarding qualifications do you recognise?

Is there a minimum age in order to apply?

What experience do I need to apply?

Can I apply if I don’t have a British National Insurance Number/British residence?

When do I need to be available from and to?

How do I make a good application?

What can I expect at my interview?

Where can I stay in Rutland?

Where can I park at Lakeside?

Are there changing facilities at Lakeside?

Where is Aqua Park Lakeside?

Spectating and dogs?

Picnics at Lakeside?

Is there anything else to do at Lakeside?

Where do I park?

How to find Aqua Park Cardiff?

Are there changing facilities?

Are there any refreshments available?

What if I am spectating?

I’m coming in a Bus/Coach with my group, where to they park?

I’m bringing a big group, is there anything I need to do?

When can I bring my students to the Aqua Park?

Where can I park at a Rutland Water?

What happens if I am late or stuck in traffic?

Are there any showers or changing facilities at Rutland?

What else can I can do, where can I stay?

Must I remove all jewellery?

Are there fish in the water?

Can I BBQ or picnic at Rutland Water?

What else is there to do at Rutland Water?

Can I add wetsuit hire to a booking retrospectively?

Can I buy a season pass for my child?

Do you have Lifeguards?

Can I wear shoes on the park?

Can I wear spectacles on the Aqua Park?

Can I wear Fancy Dress?

Can I participate if I am pregnant?

What if it’s raining, windy or thunder storms forecast?

What Happens if my session is cancelled?

How do I redeem a gift card?

Can I phone you?

Can I get a refund?

Carer tickets?

I’m differently-abled, can I take part?

Are there any concessions for NHS, Military, blue light?

Raffle prizes and donations?

What is your photography policy?


Can I cancel or move my booking?

How do I add tickets to my booking?

Do you offer a Group Discount?

Can I bring my waterproof camera?

What are the terms and conditions of Season Passes?

When are the season passes valid?

How do I redeem my season pass?

What does being a standard or SUPER season pass holder give you?

When are Peak / Off Peak ticket times?

Who needs to complete a Waiver?


Where can I store my belongings?

What do I wear or bring with me?

What time should I get there?

What are the ages, parental supervision, swimming ability and admissions criteria?

How do I Book?

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