Matt’s Story

I started my career in the outdoor education industry looking for a fun and active environment to work in that got me paid for doing what I loved. The Aqua Park has been the perfect role to get me back to a fun, fulfilling and rewarding position.

In my role as a Duty Manager, I completed regular safety checks and Maintenace before the park opened and throughout the day. I love the outdoors and pushing myself to test my abilities. I really enjoy being able to problem solve, interact with people and manage a team to achieve a goal whilst making it fun.

From the very start of my time at the Aqua Park it felt like a family, everyone involved made sure that they took the time to get to know and listen to every individual. Regular staff training sessions and team building sessions only made the family feel grow the longer I was there.

I can honestly say I never had a bad day at work, there were hard days that presented challenges but the support from the management team and directors was second to none. The environment of Rutland Water as an office and having regular work with the option of being able to pick up extra hours and being able to grow my skills made this one of the most fun and rewarding jobs, I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing.

The Aqua Park has helped me regain my love for the outdoors, built my up my confidence in leading a team as well as solving problems and speaking to customers. I can’t speak highly enough of the Aqua Park family and the environment they have created.

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