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Swimmer left in shock after an encounter with ‘Sea Dragon’ in Rutland Water Reservoir.

Footage has emerged to show the moment when a swimmer at Rutland Water reservoir encountered a ‘Sea Dragon.’

Fortunately for everyone watching, the swimmer escaped unharmed. The incident which happened on Wednesday 10th May 2023 has been described by onlookers as a “narrow escape.”

The swimmer said “I’ve been swimming here for years and have never seen anything like it. It was really quite scary. I just tried to swim away as fast as I could.”

The sighting comes after the fossilised remains of Britain’s largest ichthyosaur, ‘The Rutland Sea Dragon’ were found on the shores of Rutland Water in February 2021. 

Take a look at the swimmer’s encounter caught on action camera on a routine swim:

A local artist has drawn up an impression of the creature spotted that’s believed to be over 10m long with huge razor-sharp teeth.

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